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ESPN will broadcast a docu-series called G.O.A.T's March 7

Los Angeles- ESPN will release their docu-series called GOATS that will follow showcase iconic figures in sports history.

Iconic sports photographer Walter Looss uses his lens and the magic of historic moments that were captured from any sport to tell the compelling story of greatness. The docu-series will have exclusive interviews from Kobe Bryant , Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, Joe Namath, Chris Evert, Ken Griffey, Jr., Jack Nicklaus, Caroline Wozniacki, and Kelly Slater.

Kevin Kaufman, director and executive producer of GOATs: The Greatest of All Time, said: “It's an honor to celebrate, over three hours, the career of my longtime friend which will never be rivaled because a journey like his – with access to the greatest athletes in the world over 60 years – is inconceivable. It will never happen again, period. The love and admiration these athletes felt for Walter allowed me to start the conversation with their guards down. So these GOATs revealed themselves like never before.”


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