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ESPN brings back Up Close and Sage Steele will be hosting the program

New York- ESPN's Sports broadcaster Sage Steele will be hosting the iconic program Up close, which was recently brought back to life.

After deciding to let Up Close fade into the universe for awhile, ESPN has recently decided to bring back the program. The program Up Close was a program in which viewers actually got to know athletes as a person instead of just a player. Steele, who will be hosting the show was very excited about hosting the program.

“Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with what I call ‘the human side’ of athletes. As amazing as they are at their sport, I want to know who they are as people, not just athletes,” said Steele. “As we discussed the vision for an interview show I could host, our executive producer Andy Tennant suggested this was an opportunity to reimagine Up Close, the popular interview show Roy Firestone originally hosted on ESPN in the 80s and 90s. All I could do was smile. What an honor it is to sit in Roy’s chair, some 30 years after Up Close originally debuted! I’m very excited to once again bring the biggest athletes in sports to the forefront in a way that only a one-on-one interview can do.”

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