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Eagles win in an OT thriller against the Bills 37-34

After defeating the Chiefs in a thriller last weekend, Philadelphia had an uncanny opponent in the Bills that they were hosting. In the last few games, Philadelphia had a few turnovers and costly mistakes that almost hurt them in the second half of games. Just like previous weeks, Hurts turned the ball ove early on, which helped Buffalo get on the board, after a Josh Allen 6-yard scrammble. Outside of scoring on their first drive, Philadelphia struggled the rest of the first half and had a total of 100 yards.

Just like last week, Philadelphia was playing the comeback kings. Midway in the third quarter, Swift finally got a big run to jump start the Eagles offense. A couple plays later, Hurts hit AJ Brown for a 2-yard touchdown pass, to cut the Bills' lead to a field goal. Even though the rain was coming down harder tha Cowboys' fans screaming they are going to the Super Bowl after a win, the offense from both teams started being explosive.

With only two minutes left in the game, Philly had a chance to stop Buffalo from scoring in the redzone, but Gabe Davis was found in the endzone not covered, as the Bills retook the lead. For the first time in three weeks, Philadelphia had a chance to go down the field and either win the game or force OT with a game winning field goal. Hurts marched his team down the field and got within Jake Elliott's range of around 60-yards. Elliott hit the game-tying field goal to force OT.

After forcing the Bills to kick a field goal, Philadelphia marched right down the field and scored a touchdown to win the game.


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