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Eagles pulls off a comeback victory over the Panthers 21-18

Philadelphia- Eagles get the win over the Carolina Panthers.

The Eagles needed a win over the Panthers on Sunday to build up their confidence with their young quarterback, as well as get back in the chase within their division. Since their only win at the start of the season, Philadelphia has struggled to find their identity and it has cost them some very close games. Going against a banged up Panthers' team was what the Eagles needed.

Being down early on and not really having much of an offensive threat down the field, the Eagles' defense came up big. They picked off Sam Darnold, which put them right near the endone. You wold think the Eagles would get the ball rolling and score a touchdown. However, two big penalties stumped a potential score and the Eagles had to settle for a field goal. What seemed like a confidence booster score was more of an endless nightmare for Philadelphia.

The play-calling for the Eagles was very plain and obvious for the rest of the half. They struggled to get some type of productivity going on the offense end, but their defense was keeping them within striking distance. The birds went into their nest down 15-6 at the half.

Things did not easier for Philadelphia in the second half. Hurts threw an interception, trying to force the issue to Devanta Smith at the start of the third. Outside of forcing balls in very tight coverage, the offensive line had trouble protecting Hurts. Each time he snapped the ball, a defender was in his face. Finally, the Eagles got their first big play as Hurts rocketed a 53-yard pass to Quez Watkins. Two plays later, Hurts called his own number to make the game very interesting 15-13.

Late in the game, the Eagles needed to converted on a fourth and five. Zach Ertz had a shot to make a catch the move the chains, but dropped it. With one gasp for the Eagles, their defense came up big and blocked a punt with under three minutes left in the game.Three plays later, the Eagles walked into the endzone and took the lead for the first time in the game. They went for two and converted the down to make it a three point game, 21-18. Philadelphia iced the game, picking off Darnold and went on to finally pull out a close game.

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