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Dodgers Slayed The Giants 8-1, in Home Opener

Los Angles- In their 2020 Major League Baseball home opener against the San Francisco Giants, the Los Angeles Dodgers ran away with the 8-1 victory.

The Giants had the Dodgers on their heels until the seventh inning as Mookie Betts did superman things and sprung his team with a five-run seventh inning. After that, the Dodgers never looked back. Enrique Hernandez was a key factor in this win and finished the night with five RBI's. “That was the approach I took tonight and it paid off,” said Hernández. “Get jammed and throw a grenade out there and hope they land. Then find the barrel a little more. I have a quick bat and every time I swing it looks max effort. I’ve got to constantly remind myself to slow down.”

The big-time money youngster Betts looked good in his Dodgers' debut and he said this win was a team's effort. "We’re deep,” Betts said after his winning debut. “Our lineup is just tough to get through without getting hit around a little bit. We battled and grinded through the whole day and we put up some runs. With the offense we have, we should win a lot of games if they only put up one. Everybody contributes, not one person we rely on, everybody passing the baton. A full-team effort. Can’t ask for anything better than we have here.”

The Dodgers look like the team to beat this year because they have guys out there that can flat out hit, great defensive players, and confidence that this year will be their time. It is only the first game in a 60-game season, so in the next couple of weeks, it will be interesting to see if the Dodgers could keep up that momentum and be the team that a lot of teams fear playing against.

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