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Dodgers roar back in the seventh

Los Angeles- The Dodgers got some help from their offense in the seventh inning, which put LA in the drivers' seat with pulling out a victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks 4-2.

Down by one in the bottom of the seventh, Albert Pujols hit a pop up ball. It was supposed to be caught, but the ball slipped out of the Diamondbacks' glove and hit the ground. The missed opportunity by Arizona loaded the bases for the Dodgers.

Will Smith hit a strike to the right field, which set up two scores for the Dodgers. Mookie Betts finished the inning with a long shot in the middle of the field and another mistake by the Diamondbacks gave the Dodgers their third score of the seventh.

The Dodgers closed out the game in the next two innings and closed out the series in winning fashion.

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