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  • Eric Robinson

Dodgers continued their winning streak against the Rockies in

The Dodgers pitching woes seem to have disappeared as of late. With 45 games remaining in the 2023 MLB Regular season, the LAD unleashed stellar pitching and the big bats at an opportune time. Julio Urias showed what he was made of by wrapping the LAD’s 4th and final game in a series sweep against the Rockies. Urias struck out 12 in game 4, as the Dodgers blasted Colorado 8-3. Concluding the series beatdown. The series started off competitive as LA bested CO - 2-1 in game 1. LA began to flex their muscles in Game 2, with a dominant 4 run 6th inning, finishing with a 6-1 victory. Game 3’s box score can be somewhat misleading. LA took charge after CO’s Ezequiel Tovar’s 426-foot HR off LAD’s Pitcher, Tony Gonsolin, on the opening pitch of the game, which gave CR a 1-0 lead in the 1st inning. The Dodgers scored 4 unanswered runs, giving them a 4-1 win in game 3. Game 4 was competitive through 5 innings, before LAD hit the switch. Bottom of the 2nd, Muncy singled to right, Rosario scored. LAD led 1-0. Still in the bottom of the 2nd, Rojas popped out to second, Muncy scored. LAD up 2-0. Top of the 3rd, CR’- Tucker singles to right, Wynns scored, CR 1- LAD-2. Bottom of the 3rd, LAD’s Rosario singled to right, Smith scored on a fielding error by RF Tucker, Rosario to 2nd – LAD-3- CR-1. Top of the 4th, CR – Trejo homered to center, Diaz scored CR-3 – LAD-3. Bottom of the 4th, LAD- Rojas homered to left center. Bottom of the 6th, Rojas hit a sacrifice fly to center, Hernandez scored, Muncy to 3rd – LA takes 5-3 lead. Bottom of the 6th LAD’s Betts double to center, Muncy scored, and Taylor scored, which broke the game open as LAD took a 7-3 lead. Bottom of the 8th, Rojas hit a sacrifice fly to center, Taylor scored. The Dodgers completed the series sweep with an 8-3 victory over CR. The Los Angeles Dodgers have won their last 8 games, 20 of 27 at home, and recently completed a dominant 4 game sweep of the Colorado Rockies. When Manager Dave Roberts was asked, “how challenging is it keeping the team focused and motivated, and not taking their talent for granted, while being the NL favorite to reach the World Series?’ LAD Manager, Dave Roberts replied by reminding us that the Atlanta Braves have the best record in the NL and stating that LA was labeled as more of a “dark horse”. He also said, “we take it one game at a time, never taking the team's talent for granted”.

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