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Despite win over Cavs, the Magic lose Markelle Fultz for the season

Orlando- The Magic got the victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, but lost a huge player for them in the proces.

Orlando got back to their winning ways, defeating a desperate Cavs, but lost Markelle Fultz to an ACL injury. Fultz was just getting into his groove with the Magic after overcoming various injuries over the years in his career. He was a big part with the Magic being 6-2 and averaged around 14 points per game this season. Fultz improved his shooting, as well as his knowledge about the game. He was not rushing shots and was actually improving with taking with the defense gives you.

With the serious injury, it looks like his career may be finished in Orlando, but only time will tell. It was very unfortunate, because it looked like he could have had a breakout year.

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