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Deontay Wilder is not retiring anytime soon

Earlier this week, Deontay Wilder was honored with a statue in his hometown Tuscaloosa. The Bronze Bomber has left a legacy unmatched with a record 42-2-1 and has been one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all-time. Despite the numbers, Wilder is not ready to retire from the sport. After the unveiling of his statue, he had this to say about his future.

"I'm looking to resume my career for sure. I've got a lot of other things I've got to get out of the way. I'm taking away from my children if I come back, because now I'm able to enjoy my life fully like I want to. I sacrificed so much to be in this position in my life, to be able to life my life like I want for the rest of my life," Wilder said at an unveiling of a bronze statue of his likeness at the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk. "I'm going to have to share my life not only with the world, but with my family once more, for this very last ride, this very last journey. I apologize to my family if it's an inconvenience, but the world needs me. And I must go back to the call of duty at this moment in time."

At the age of 36, Wilder may still have some juice left in the tank. In his last fight against Tyson Fury, he did something different with his fighting style. Instead of throwing haymakers, Wilder was using more of the jab to set up his killer shot, which landed a couple of times. Who knows what the future may hold for Wilder and if he can get his belt back, but for now, retiring is the last thing on Wilder's mind.

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