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Dallas in scramble mode after losing Game 2, 105-98

After getting their eyes sun-rayed from Boston's three-point shooting in Game 1, Dallas wanted to even the series. For that to happen, they needed to be a bit more physical on the defensive side of the ball and not allow Boston's big 3 to exploit them. The start of Game 2 was played a bit differently than the previous one, this game was played more to the Mavericks, slow-paced type of temp in the first half.

Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving combined for 21 points in the first quarter, which was a good spot for Dallas. Things were looking up for big blue, but each time they went and shot free throws, they would either split the set or miss both free throws, which was uncanny for the team. Outside of Luka, Dallas struggled to get their other players rolling in the second quarter and was down three at the end of break.

For the most part, Dallas kept Boston out of the clear with connecting on three-point shots. They were heading into the third, shooting 2/13 from behind the arch. Dallas wanted to keep them there. However, that was not the case, Boston went on a 12-6 run and pushed their lead to double figures. Irving was just a bit bleak in the fourth. He had a couple shots that went in and out, but it was a grind for him tonight.

Dallas made a late run, but Jrue Holiday was money making Jrue. He hit a couple of threes and silenced Dallas's run. The Mavs dropped Game 2. Luka finished with 32 points.


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