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Critics continue to buzz about Serena Williams and her losing streak

After a shocking first round exit in Wimbledon against Harmony Tan, all of a sudden, critics started yapping, saying that Serena Williams needs to retire.

It seems like those critics forgotten that this was Williams first time back on the court, after nursing an injury she sustained last year. Williams was sharp in the first set, but unforced errors killed the momentum that she had going into the second set. Tan pushed the game into a winner take all set and gave everything she had to defeat the tennis goddess.

Williams has had a slippery slope since 2017, but hasn't had a decrease in her game until yesterday. In the last three years, Williams have made a semi finals at the US Open and almost won her 24th major, but unforced errors and youthful energy have been something that has exposed Williams. At times, it seems like Williams is over thinking or not as light on her feet during the later rounds of matches. Analysts have stated that the younger tennis players are not afraid of Williams and will take advantage of making Williams uncomfortable with short shots or keeping her away from the middle of the court, where she is very dangerous.

Williams have been taking the negative comments about her not having it in strides and have remained positive throughout her struggles. Her motto has always been "Champions find a way to win."

Winning takes time and it seems like a lot of people are losing patience with Williams. If Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Tom Brady can win a championship in their later stages in their career, Williams has time. You can never count out a champion.

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