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Concerns with the upcoming Met Gala

New York- With only a few weeks until the prestigious Met Gala, there have been some huge concerns with celebrities not attending because of the global pandemic.

With the ongoing virus that continues to surge around the globe, many celebrities decided that they will opt out of attending the gala. For the few that will attend the Met this year, the entire gala will be something very different.

Prior to "stunting"on the carpet, talent, media, and guests will have to show proof that they have been vaccinated by showing their vaccination card. Outside of showing their vaccination cards, everyone will have to be "masked up" unless they are satisfying their mouths with food or drinks.

Since certain celebrities have decided not to attend, many social media influencers have bought out tables and are heavily involved with the appearance aspect of it. There have been many concerns that viewership will go down because of the influencers and some critics have felt that the Met should be postponed until next year. Despite all of the chatter, it will be very interesting to see new blood showcasing some of the hottest designs and how they will overcome this unique situation with creativity.

The Met will broadcast September 13, 2021.

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