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Close to 80% of media who are covering the Olympics live will be vaccinated

Tokyo- With the Tokyo Olympics a few weeks away, the CDC is right on top of vaccinations for media, who will cover the games in person.

Right now, the CDC has projected that they will have at least 80% of the media, who are covering the games live vaccinated. Athletes, as well as members of the media will have to make sure they are tested daily and follow the strict rule playbook, which has been revised at the start of June.

While optimism is starting to settle in with athletes and individuals around the globe, there is still some major concerns that the virus could spread if not careful. Tokyo has been in State of Emergency since mid-May and may end the emergency June 20. Tokyo's government officials have stated that they will keep certain restraint on certain restrictions until the games.

The Games are on and it seems like COVID-19 cases are gradually decreasing.

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