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Clippers steamroll past Maccabi in a rare preseason game in Seattle 121-81

Seattle- For the first time since the Sonics moved to Oklahoma, NBA basketball was played at the former Key Arena.

The Los Angeles Clippers hosted Maccabi. from start to finish, LA controlled the pace of the game. Luke Kennard and Moses Brown was tearing up the court, with their superb three-point shooting, précised passing ability, and was gritty and dirty with playing defense, even though the game was out of mind and outsight. Kennard finished with 18, while Brown finished with 23.

Nursing a 25+ lead for the entire second half, the Clippers cruised onto a victory with the hopes of building momentum and chemistry with their game changing superstars in Kawhi Leonard, PG 13, and floor general John Wall before the regular season starts. Each of these players will play together for the first time in a match-up with the Portland Trailblazers on Monday.

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