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Clippers' season end in a thriller against the Pelicans 105-101

After having a loss in the column of the NBA Play ins, the Clippers had an opportunity to redeem themselves against the Pelicans in a win or go home situation, but they would have to do it without their star general in Paul George. PG 13 tested positive for Covid-19 earlier in the day, which meant he would not be available to play in the game.

Things did not go as plan for LA at the start of the game. For some strange reason, the Clippers allowed Brandon Ingram to get to his spots on the floor and boy did he erupt. Ingram was hotter than a summer in Texas and finished the quarter with 16 points. Outside of trying to stop Ingram from scoring, the Clips were jammed with outside shooting. They went 1 of 12 from three point land and shot around 35% from the field.

The luck of the Irish was not with the Clippers in the second quarter and their luck and confidence faded quickly. LA could not buy a bucket to save their lives and was scratching and clawing with getting back in the game. The Clippers got a huge lift within the last two minutes, as their bench went on a 12-6 run to cut the lead to 10 at the break, 56-46.

Whatever Tyronn Lue said to his team in the locker room at half, lit a spark under their butts. LA lit up the Pelicans in the first three minutes in the second half and cut their lead down to three. Reggie Jackson started to catch fire and hit two big threes to put the Clippers up at the nine minute mark. For the first time in the game, New Orleans looked shell-shocked and had no answers with stopping LA. La finished the third with a 84-74 lead.

After being up 13, the Clippers saw their lead disappear with a 6-0 run by the Pelicans at the start of the fourth. Little by little, NO chipped at the lead and had the Clippers on their heels. With under a minute left down by four, Jackson got past his defender and got the foul that they needed. He went 1 of 2, cutting the Pelicans lead to two. With a last gasp of breath, LA needed a stop and either a two to tie or three to win the game. LA was too aggressive on the inbound pass, which left one of the Pelicans open for an easy lay-up and ended the game and season for the Clippers.


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