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Clippers could not stop Stephen Curry, as they fall to the Warriors 115-105

Los Angeles- The Clippers had trouble stopping a determined Stephen Curry in the second half and it came back to bite them.

Each half contained a different element than the other. In the first half, it seemed like the Clippers were controlling the tempo of the half. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard had a quick start to the game and it seemed like the game was going to be a blowout. At the end of the half, the Clippers had a 65-51 lead, however Stephen Curry snapped in the second half.

In the second half, the Clippers had trouble chasing Curry off of his spots, as well as getting the ball out of his hand. LA got a little too content and was careless with the ball, as they turned the ball over seven times in the half, which the Warriors turned into points. The Clippers let Golden State back in the game mid way in the third and finished the half with 64 points. Curry finished with 38 points in 32 minutes.

"I mean you got a guy that's hot like that, it takes a lot of pressure off for everybody at that point," Clippers swingman Paul George said. "Guys play harder. They got a guy who at any point can get hot and is an obvious offensive threat from anywhere on the court. It just fuels the whole team. They want to make extra plays, they want to keep their guy hot, keep the ball in his hands. And then it just gets to a point where they get comfortable, they get confident, the basket is just big for them. So I think that is what happened tonight."

This is another lead that the Clippers let slip away and it cost them another game. The Clippers have to figure this out or it may cost them late into the season.


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