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Chiefs stop the Cowboys in their tracks 19-9

Kansas City- In a grind it out game, the Chiefs pulled out the victory over the Cowboys.

The Kansas City Chiefs had a huge game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. This game had the potential of an overview of a Super Bowl match-up between the two teams.Kansas City jumped out to a nine point lead, scoring on their opening drive and a Cowboys's turnover. Before the end of the firs quarter,Patrick Mahomes and crew got themselves back in the redzone for potential points. A couple plays later, the Chiefs extended their lead to 16-3.

Kansas City was exceptional with stopping the Cowboys' offense. Instead of blitzing Dak Prescott, the Chiefs decided to stay in a zone coverage and let their guys be physical with the Cowboys' receivers. It worked. Cee Dee Lamb was held in check with three catches for 14 yards. Kansas City picked off Dallas at the end of the half and walked into the locker room with a 16-3 lead.

The Chiefs got a little sloppy at the start of the second half. Mahomes threw a pass in tough coverage to Travis Kelce. The ball bounced out of Kelce into a Dallas' defender. Kansas City did just enough to hold the Cowboys to three, 16-6. Kansas City tacked on a field goal on the ensuing possession to go up 19-6. In the fourth, Kansas went onto bleed out the clock and take sole control of their division.

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