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Chiefs' brings in the magic in a win over the Bills 42-36

In an AFC championship rematch from last year, the Chiefs wanted to end what confidence that Bills Mafia had with pulling off the upset Whoever won this game could potentially book themselves a trip to Los Angeles.

After the Bills scored on their opening drive, Kansas City countered it with a touchdown of their own to make at a 7-7 game. At the start of the second quarter, the Chiefs received some bad news that changed the game for them Tyrann Mathieu went to the locker room with an apparent head injury , which was confirmed later as a concussion and did not return to the game. Despite the big blow on the defensive side of the green, the Chiefs' offense started to erupt. Patrick Mahomes started to find his groove with throwing quick passes to his receivers and letting them break tackles for huge gains. Kansas City took their first lead of the game with a four yard touchdown pass to Bryon Pringle, 14-7.

The lead did not last long, because Kansas City had a huge breakdown with their defense, as they allowed Josh Allen to run like a chicken with its head cut off. A couple plays later, the Bills found the endzone and left only 30 ticks left on the clock before the end of the half. The 30 ticks on the clock allowed Mahomes and crew to go down the field and get enough yardage to put their kicker in range for a 50-yard field goal. The kick went wide right. Both teams walked into the locker room feeling okay about themselves and how the the game was going for them, 14-14.

Kansas City opened up the second half with a grueling eight minute drive that only resulted in a field goal, that barely got through the uprights. Late into the third quarter, Mecole Hardman got fancy with it on a 25-yard jet sweep touchdown. Hardman bounced it to the outside, got skinny,and hit the Madden speed burst for the wild and crazy touchdown..However, the Chiefs missed a PAT, which left the door open for the Bills.

Without Mathieu in the game, that left an inexperience cornerback for Josh Allen to pick on. Right after the score, Allen hit a home run ball to Gabriel Davis for 75-yards to make the game very interesting, heading into a thrilling fourth quarter. Tyreek Hill made a huge play for the Chiefs. After an off-setting penalty on a punt, the Bills were forced to re-kick.Hill took the punt and gained 45-yards on the play to put the chiefs in the redzone. You would figure, the Chiefs would get the ball in the endzone, but that did not happen. They had to settle for a disappointing field goal, 26-21.

With only minutes left in the game and the Chiefs hanging on to a small lead, they needed their defense to make some clutch stops against the Bills. On a fourth and very long, the defense forgot about Davis and Allen found him for the 20-yard TD. Buffalo went for two and converted the down to go up three. Well, Buffalo left 1:40 on the clock for the Chiefs. Well, Mahomes' magic happened. He hit Hill for a 45 yard touchdown run, which put the the Chiefs back on top, 33-29.

Too much time was left on the clock as the Bills had one last gasp to shock the Chiefs. Well, Allen hit Davis for a touchdown to potential ruin the Chiefs coming back story. Kansas City got the ball back with only 13 seconds left to attempt to get their kicker in field goal range. Mahomes did just that and got his kicker in field goal range. Harrison Butker hit the 47-yard field goal to take the game into overtime.

The Chiefs got the ball first, took it down the field and scored a touchdown to break the Bills' heart.



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