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Chargers wide receiver praises Justin Herbert's accuracy, throwing balls in tight spaces

LA- Chargers newly wide receiver Deandre Carter likes the passion and gunslinger mentality that Justin Herbert brings to the quarterback position.

With the Chargers facing the Los Angeles Rams in their first preseason match-up this week, Carter has been working with the first and second unit, trying to get up to speed with improving his route running and understanding both of his quarterbacks. In the first two weeks of training camp, Carter has been in awe and very impressed with Herbert's arm strength throwing the ball down the field, as well as throwing the ball in tight windows. There have been some passes that Herbert has thrown that had Carter speechless.

On Tuesday, Carter spoke with members of media about playing with Herbert and having that chemistry with him. “You guys see it every day. He’s that guy. He puts the ball on the money and throws dimes day in and day out. There’s not a throw on the field that he can’t make. I’m excited to be able to work with him and see how far we can go this year.”

“It gives the offense a chance to gel and build that cohesiveness. We know who’s going to be the trigger man week in and week out. We know what he likes, how he likes to throw, how he likes us to run our routes. So, it just helps us build our camaraderie, and it allows us to add more stuff to the offense week in and week out because you know who is going to be back there playing quarterback.”

The Chargers are one of the teams that many people around the league are watching. They are one exciting team with a lot of talent on their roster.

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