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Canelo Alvarez defeats Callum Smith in a convincing victory

New York- Canelo Alvarez dominates Callum Smith in a victory.

In the anticipated match up between Callum Smith and Canelo Alvarez on Saturday, there was a lot of talk about Alvarez having problems taking on a taller opponent. Alvarez said that he liked the challenge and his trainer had told him different ways that he could attack Smith. Alvarez's game-plan was to dig in the inside and use his speed to set up his left hook.

Coming into the fight Alvarez's last bout was against Sergey Kovalev, who he knocked out in the 11th round. He has not been in the ring until recently and a lot of critics felt like he would get tired in the early rounds against a taller defender.

On the other side of the rope, Smith felt like he had the advantage with his height and his jab. 'I have to use my jab more and don't let Canelo get in the inside. When he hits me, I have to counter him back. I have to establish my jab throughout the entire fight,' said Smith.

The mouths were silence and the game plan was highlighted, as both fighters stepped into the ring. In the first couple of rounds, Canelo was hitting Smith with jabs and body shots that kept Smith at bay. In the fourth round, Canelo picked up the pace. He hit Smith with a couple upper-cuts that stunned Smith and was getting any shot that he wanted when Smith was on the ropes.

In the later rounds, Canelo continued to be the aggressor and made Smith a human punching bag. He did not respect Smith's jab and ducked everytime Smith threw it, which gave Canelo easy access to throw upper-cuts and different combinations that scored points for him. Body shots from Canelo staggered Smith in the "Championship rounds."

Canelo wins in an unanimous decision!

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