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Bucks season ends in disappointing loss 109-81

The reigning champions was crushed in Game 7.

The Celtics vs Bucks series lived up to the hype and it came down to a winner take everything at the TD Garden. Milwaukee was hitting on all cylinders in the first three minutes of the game. Once again Giannis Antetokoumpo was aggressive with getting to the rim and making the right reads with getting his teammates involved. At the five minute mark in the first, Giannis had five assists. After building a 10 point lead, the Celtics cut the Bucks' lead to six at the end of the first quarter, 26-20.

Outside of Giannis scoring, Brooke Lopez was one of the key players that punished the Celtics on the board. Each time there was a missed shot, Lopez would clean up house. Despite the good start, the Bucks allowed Jayson Tatum to catch fire and Boston went on 10-2 run at the eight minute mark to take the lead. In the last three minutes of the second, the Bucks went ice cold and could not get shots to drop. Milwaukee went into the locker room down 48-43.

Things did not go as planned for Milwaukee at the start of the third. Boston's lead went from five to double figure in a matter of seconds. Things got interesting at the seven minute mark of the third for the Bucks. Tatum got hit with his fourth foul and had to sit on the bench for a bit. It seemed like with Tatum on the bench, the Bucks could potentially get themselves back in the game, but they were forcing up shots. They had to dig themselves out of a 17 point hole at the start of the fourth.

Milwaukee had a tough time stopping the Celtics from behind the arc. Grant Williams was the unsung hero for the Celtics and was the key that busted the lead for the Celtics. he finished with 27 points, which was a career high for him. The white flag was waved at three minute mark, as the Celtics had a 20 point lead.

Giannis finished with 25 points, 9 assists,and 20 rebounds.

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