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Browns' offense falls asleep, as the Steelers continues their winning streak, 38-7

Cleveland- The Browns' offense was shutdown by the Pittsburgh Steelers, 38-7.

The build up for the game was very intriguing, but the first half was far from being entertaining. Cleveland struggled to get anything going down the field and the Steelers' defense clamped down on the Browns' superstars. On the defensive side, the Browns secondary was getting chopped and screwed by Ben Roethlisberger and the Steerlers' offense. "Big Ben" was standing in the pocket with really no pass rush from the Browns and delivering 20-yard gashes in the middle of the field. With under two minutes left in the half, Mayfield threw a touchdown strike to Rashard Higgins to get on the board. At the end of the half, the Browns was down 24-7.

In the second half, the Browns just could not make anything happen offensively. They struggled to get any type of positive drive and the offensive line could not stop the speedy pass run of the Steelers. On the defensive side of the ball, the Browns could not tackle and had a lot of mistakes with blown coverage. The Steelers tacked on a couple of scores to stay unbeaten and hand the Browns their second loss of the season, 38-7.


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