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Australian makes Olympic athletes priority for COVID-19 vaccines

Tokyo- With increased COVID-19 cases and Tokyo in a state of emergency, Australia wanted to make sure their athletes participating in the games will get priority for the vaccine.

On Tuesday, Australia announced that they were bumping up Australian athletes who were participating in the Olympic games with getting the vaccine. Since cases have increased in Tokyo and have spread around Japan, panic have settled in. As of right now, the Olympic committee is ensuring the athletes, as well as the public, that they will continue to monitor the situation.

Australia wanted to make sure that their athletes got the vaccine quick as possible. It is speculated that they will have a combination of over 2,000 staff and athletes involved in the games. "While vulnerable Australians remain an absolute priority as the vaccine rollout continues, the National Cabinet understands the pressure our high-performance athletes have been facing as the Tokyo Games draw closer," Australian Committee said. "This will be a very different Olympics and Paralympics, but our athletes deserve the opportunity to compete."

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