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  • Eric Martinez

Argentina defeated France in the greatest Final of a World Cup

In what was the greatest final in history, Sunday proved to be an excitement around the world for soccer fans with and explosion of drama that led to penalty shots. Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest player in the world. His presence on the pitch was noticeable and was the difference maker in terms of leadership and playmaking. France did compete at an ultimate level as well. All fans were treated to a superstar rivalry with Messi vs. Mbappe from France, iconic goals that erupted the stadium in Qatar, master class goalkeeping, and all culminating to Lionel Messi finally being crowned as champion of the world with Argentina as they defeated France in penalties, 4 (3)-3(2)

Absolute class as Argentina’s defender Montiel made the final penalty shot to capture the World Cup title for a country that had not won the championship since 1986, when legend Maradona made a goal that was labeled “The hand of God” against England in the final. This final will be remembered because of so many things.

Messi’s moment in history was iconic, Mbappe’s hat-trick in a final of a World Cup, the back-and-forth drama that both teams showed a desperation to win that had us spectators enjoying glued to the television. With Lionel Messi finally winning the World Cup, it is said that he has won it all. He won the Southern American championship with Argentina in the past two years, and for club in Barcelona, he won multiple Champions League championships, La Liga championships in Spain, and several Copa del Rey tournaments cups. Although those trophies were historical, there will not be a moment like this World Cup. This was Messi’s cup to win. His images of post celebration with his three sons and his wife, Antonella, will last through eras as the G.O.A.T. in soccer has placed himself in the Mt. Rushmore without a doubt as being our greatest player in this generation.

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