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Spain snatches their first World Cup, defeating England 1-0

Spain has done it and now celebrates their first World Cup in franchise history.

Going into the game against England, Spain knew that they had to go after it and be the aggressors. Span did just that. They pushed the pace of the game, as well as controlled the time of possession in the first half. Right before the first half was over Olga Carmona scored the first goal of the night, which happened to be the goal that pushed Spain into the history books.

After it was all said and done, Spain is the second team in World Cup history to have a male and women team win the World Cup. "Everyone knew the goal at the beginning when preparing for the tournament. Everyone is competitive, everyone has a strong mentality to win. We've been working a lot of years for this moment and we have it, we have the trophy.", said AITANA BONMATI

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