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Aces' was stunned by the Mystics 78-62

Aja Wilson and crew has had one heck of a week before they faced the Mystics. Wilson celebrated being the second player in WNBA history to score 52 points in a game and the Aces celebrated their 2022 WNBA Championship at the White House. Vice President Kamala Harris praised the Aces for overcoming adversity last season.

Well, adversity and sluggish effort was the theme for the first half against the Mystics. After getting out to a quick start with Wilson leading the way, Vegas had to dig themselves out of a six-point deficit. Shots wasn't going in and the Aces turned the ball over when they were trying to get out and run. They wanted to speed up the pace of the game, but the Mystics kept them in check for the most part. Vegas finished on a 8-2 run and took a three-point lead into the locker room.

The pace picked up for both teams in the third quarter. Wilson started to catch fire, as well as Washington's star Natasha Cloud. For a brief moment, there were six exchanges of points from both teams as both offenses' erupted. Outside of Plum and Wilson, the Aces were trying to get Chelsea Gray and Jackie Young into the mix late in the game. Nothing was going down for bench and the Mystics was having their cake and eating it. Las Vegas went on to lose the game in a shocking way. Washington held the Aces to less than 70 points and forced them to shoot around 45% from the field.

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