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Aja Wilson puts on her cape and helped the Aces win their second consecutive championship

After losing Chelsea Gray and Kia Stokes to injury, the Aces would have to depend on their defensive player of the year in Aja Wilson to potential put this series to sleep. When I tell you, Gray was missed, there wasn't any mistake in that sentence. The Aces had turned the ball over nine times in the first half and looked out of sync. New York took advantage of the turnovers and put the Aces in a panic position of being down by nine at the half, 39-30.

The latter part of the game was very gritty and grimy. Wilson attempted to spark some type of offense as they struggled from the field. At one point, Wilson went on a 9-0 run by herself to put her team within striking distance. On the defensive side, Vegas slowed down Courtney Vandersloot a bit after her hot shooting in the first half. Jackie Young and Wilson started hitting their shots in the fourth and you could feel the New York atmosphere being very nervous and quiet, as the Aces started building on their lead.

Late in the fourth, both teams put on a show as they put everything on the line. Things got tense as the refs were calling the game very tight. Some tacky tack fouls were called while others that were very obvious wasn't. Wilson put the game on ice as she hit crucial shots down the stretch to help her team win their second consecutive Championship 70-69. Wilson finished with 24 points and 16 rebounds.


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