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  • Tiffany Rigby

Yakuza Princess Is Coming To Theaters This September

The film opens in U.S. theatres and will be released on demand on Friday, September 3rd. The

film is based on Danilo Beyruth’s graphic novel Samurai Shiro and set in São Paulo Brazil. It is

the home to over 1.6 million Japanese and Brazilians of Japanese ancestry, the largest

Japanese community outside of Japan.

Yakuza Princess follows orphan Akemi who is played by Japanese singer and actor Masumi.

Shortly after turning 21, Akemi discovers that she is the heiress to half of Japan's expansive

Yakuza crime syndicate. After creating an alliance with a stranger, who has memory loss, Akemi

unleashes war against the other half of the syndicate who wants her dead.

Director Vicente Amorim and co-writers Tubaldini Shelling, Kimi Lee and Fernando Toste take

their time setting the story up, cutting back and forth between Brazil and Japan and slowly

giving us details about all of the players. They also start the violence off slowly with a brawl in a

club between Akemi and some drunken guys that gets out of hand in a rather literal way. And

from that point on Yakuza Princess becomes a chase across Brazil to solve the mystery of

Akemi’s heritage and Shiro’s past.

Yakuza Princess is a violent action thriller filled with bloody action scenes. As it goes on it’s

obvious that nobody is who, or what, they claim to be and even the dead have their secrets. By

the end of the film it’s nearly impossible to know who to trust

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