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  • Eric Robinson

Xavier Moon's energy helped the Clippers get a refreshed victory over the Nuggets

For Clippers' fans it was a sight to see that both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard looked healthy playing in the preseason game against the Denver Nuggets.

Leonard and George combined for 30 points in the first half, shooting very efficiently and making the right reads. Which was something that everyone in their locker room wanted. Both players looked like they were in regular season form, despite them playing against the Nuggets' second unit.

The Clippers second unit had some breakout spots in the second half. Xavier Moon was a sight to see as he decided to take over the game. His stat line proved that was the case as he finished with 12 points, 2 rebounds, and 3 assist in just only 14 minutes. We can sit here and talk about what Moon did offensively, but he was putting in work defensively. He had a couple of steals and forced his opponent to take bad shots, which will not show up on the stat line. Moons' energy helped the Clippers' get the 116-103 victory.


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