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X Games will showcase real mountain bike video competition next year

New York- The X Games will bring back mountain biking next year in a creative way.

In its 12th year, Real Series wanted to add some flavor by adding real mountain bike video competition. Since the pandemic halted some of the big events, Real Series decided to put content together by filming athletes around the globe, showcasing their tricks.

Real Mountain Crew will join Real Series in April of next year and will invite six athletes to produce their best 90-second video parts, capturing their own unique style and competing for X Games medals. The invited riders are Cam Zink, Veronique Sandler, Brandon Semenuk, Danny MacAskill, Brage Vestavik and DJ Brandt.

“I grew up completely captivated by the X Games, and it was the ultimate dream to be one of the competitors”, said Guinness World Record holder Cam Zink. “I envied my friends who were competing in snowboarding, FMX, and BMX - and after MTB was included in the Munich X Games, I always knew that Mountain Biking would have to find its way back, but I thought I might be too old... I’m beyond elated to be one of the first 6 MTB athletes to be competing for an X Games Gold in the Real Video Series!”

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