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X Games will return to California July 14-18

Los Angeles- X Games will make a splash in Southern California July 14-18.

Competition for the X Games will include BMX, Skateboarding, and Moto X at the athletic training facilities around Southern California. Due to the global pandemic and to reduce a potential Covid-19 spread, spectators will be prohibited this year. This will be the final competition before the Olympics and the individuals involved in competition are pretty excited that the X Games are happening in Southern California.

“I’m very excited to be hosting X Games at my house this year! It will allow me to share my ramps and dirt jumps with other amazing athletes and bring back BMX for our first major contest since COVID-19,” said two-time X Games BMX medalist Pat Casey. “I’m extremely humbled and thankful for this opportunity that ESPN and Monster Energy has given me, and can’t wait for the event!”

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