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Will the Jaguars move forward with Jake Luton being the starter and bench Gardner Minshew

Jacksonville, FL- The Jaguars may have a decision to make in a couple of weeks with their quarterback situation.

Gardner Minshew is the starting quarterback for the Jags and has been nursing a thumb injury for the last two weeks, which kept him out of the line-up recently. Under Minshew, the Jags have won only one game and the seat continues to grow hotter for him, as they continue to lose.

Minshew has shown that he is capable to put his team in a position to win games, but it has not turned into victories for the organization. Confidence surrounding Minshew is still pretty high and Jaguars' head coach Doug Marrone likes the fact that Minshew is a tough kid and can throw the ball down the field, when he has time in the pocket. Minshew is having a good year with protecting the ball. He has thrown 13 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, and has 1,855 total yards through the air.

Despite Minshew having a decent type of year, now he has to worry if back-up quarter back Jake Luton will taking the starting role. Luton looked great against the Houston Texans last week. With under a minute left in regulation, Luton marched his team down the field, scored a touchdown, and needed a two-point conversion to tie the game up. The Jags did not convert the conversion and ended up losing the game.

Luton showed a lot of poise in the pocket and delivered some strikes down the field to keep his team in the game. There was a spark that the Jags showed last week that has not been seen since the first game of the season.

Marrone has not said anything about a quarterback switch just yet. If Luton continues to show that he can win games, Minshew may find himself on the bench. It will be an interesting couple of weeks for the Jags' staff to figure out if they stay with Minshew or move forward with Luton.

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