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  • Alex Seccia

Will Smith starts off his book tour

From West Philadelphia born and Raised, Will Smith returns to the streets he once was raised on. Promoting the rounds for his new book “WILL” written by Will Smith himself alongside Mark Manson, Will decided to kick off his tour in the city in which it all started. On November 8th, 2021, Legendary actor/ artist Will Smith sold out “The Met” in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to give fans a preview on what they can expect when they first crack open their freshly handed out copy of the book. That’s right everyone fan in attendance not only got to see their idol in person but managed to leave the venue with their own free copy of Will’s new book.

Opening up the night Mark Manson presents himself on stage to give some of the inside scoop on what it was like to go work one on one with the movie icon. Mark had mentioned that he had some questions in his head upon going into his meeting with Will and his team; one of them being “Is he an mean person”? Mark proceeded to answer the question with Will “being one of the most generous” people he has had the pleasure of working with. Mark gave the fans brief foreshadow of what they could expect see throughout the night.

What could you not expect from a decorated actor and former Grammy award winning hip-hop artist? It’s kind of hard to think of anything. Opening out the night by rapping his verse in the remix “Will” by Joyner Lucas, Will Smith electrified the fans with his presence by coming on to the stage rapping. Quickly bringing hundreds of fans to their feet the artist wasted no time to get the crowd going. Striking life into the venue as if there wasn’t enough anticipation and excitement in the air just waiting for him to make himself seen.

Joining Will on stage shortly after was his interviewer Queen Latifah. Wearing a red shiny blazer to match her red shiny pants and white shoes Queen Latifah wasted no time to gain control of the audience and allow Will to speak up in person on his life from his darkest moments to some of his brightest. Queen Latifah gave fans the live version of Will’s book by hitting on questions that made the actor open up a side of him in person fans never get to see.

With his immediate family in attendance Will had opened up about some very close and personal moments from his childhood that may not be as positive as one can hope but something many people may be able to relate to. Starting with his father Will had shared some hard moments he saw endured with him to how he had became the biggest influence and model in his life. Will ran through stories about it his dad including the infamous “wall story”. Along side with his detailed description of his stories the actor did none other then act out how things were said as if he was playing his own character in a movie. Painting the picture and using gestures when it came to imitating his dad when quoting him through stories like how he said his dad told him to “focus on that one brick, to lay it as perfectly as possible then moving to the next”. Will had embodied the character of his father from the voice to his gestures.

Will did more than just have a conversation with Queen Latifah. Giving the fans a concert, love acting show, to even some fun filled comedy. Will Smith delivered a subliminal performance keeping fans engaged with applauses, laughter, dancing, camera action, to even some whistling and crowd reactions. Telling every story with such detail and intensity he was able to make you see what he was saying as if you were there yourself especially when he sang his song “Just the Two of Us” when going through one of his chapters. Will touched on some pretty touchy subjects that built a strong connection with everyone in attendance. You can hear the agreements being whispered whenever Will would talk about his struggle and the steps people need to take to bettering themselves and doing what’s right for them.

A book Will perfectly went through left fans excited and antsy to crack open his new book. As if getting a to see Will and watch him talk/ act out his book wasn’t enough. Fans got to see the old school Big Willie come out with some performances by some fan loved songs like “Switch” and “Summertime” Will opened and closed his show by giving his fans a performance. Introducing his right hand man in Dj Jazzy Jeff, Will decided to kick it with his life long friend in rocking the house. Bring everyone to there feet and piling down to the stage Big Willie and Dj Jazzy Jeff had everyone with their hands in the air jamming to songs some may have grew up on and some that learned later on while learning about their idol.

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