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Will Drew Lock have confidence against the Chargers

Denver- Drew Lock is having an inconsistent year with being the starting quarterback for the Broncos.

Last week, Lock looked horrible against Kansas City. He threw for 254 yards and had two interceptions that turned into points for the Chiefs. Lock did not look comfortable in the pocket, shot gun format, and was hesitant to turn the ball loose down the field. Since the start of the season, Lock has not look like the ending of a rainbow, but more of less a nightmare. He has thrown only one touchdown and have four interceptions in the first half of the season.

Confidence in Lock being the Broncos starter is starting to decrease, however Broncos head coach Vic Fangio feels like Lock will bounce back from last week. "It’s one of the pieces of the puzzle. We still have eight or nine games after this one. It’s just another step. I think he will bounce back. The one thing I do like about Drew is that after a bad play or in this case, a so-called bad game. I think he doesn’t let him drag himself down," said Fangio.

"I think he plays the next play and the next game with the same confidence and energy that he would if things were going much, much better. I like his mentality that way and I’m just hopeful that all 11 of us out there are operating on the same page and doing a good job.”

The Broncos will have a hard test with the surging Chargers. The Chargers are a very aggressive team with blitzing and being physical with wide receivers. Lock needs to just breathe and take what the defense gives him, throw the ball out of bounds instead of taking sacks, and check the ball down instead of throwing into double coverage. If he does all of that, the plays will come and Lock is extremely talented when it comes to driving his team down the field when he is patient. This game can either build Lock's confidence up or put him back on the hot seat with making a quarterback change. Only time will tell.

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