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  • Anthony Morrow

WBO President Confirms Virgil Ortiz declined Crawford Twice

Oscar Dela Hoya recently took to social media to address rumors surrounding WBO interim welterweight champion Virgil Ortiz turning down challenges as he reminds the critics that his upcoming fight against Eimites Stanionis April 29th 2023 at the college park center in Arlington Texas for the WBA interim welterweight championship will not be an easy fight. Although Dela Hoya does expect Ortiz to get the win, they plan to put the divisions best fighters on notice that they are open for business.

According to WBO president Paco Valcarce, Ortiz dodged a couple of fights. In an interview with The Boxing Voice Podcast, Virgil Ortiz was offered an opportunity to face WBO welterweight champion Terrence “Bud” Crawford on two occasions and the Ortiz camp elected to goin a different direction instead accepting the offers. The timing of Dela Hoya’s comments leads me to believe he is responding to the comments made by the WBO President Paco Valcarcel.

Stanionis believes Ortiz's style of constantly coming forward, bringing pressure, and willing to engage in exchanges toe to toe is the type of opponent that will be a perfect dance partner for an exciting fight for the viewers. Both Ortiz and Stanionis have the same plan moving forward wanting to compete against the top guys in the welterweight division. With the current king of the division entertaining a super welterweight bout for his next fight, the division will be establishing its pecking order in the meantime.

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