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  • Eric Martinez

Top five NFL candidates are in the running for the NFLPA Community Award

The NFLPA announced the five finalists for the 2024 NFLPA Alan Page Community Award.  The players selected are Calais Campbell (Atlanta), Damar Hamlin (Buffalo), Charles Leno Jr. (Washington), Harrison Phillips (Minnesota), and Frank Ragnow (Detroit).  A donation of $10,000 will be given to each finalist by the NFLPA towards a foundation or charity of his choice.  The award will be announced during the NFLPA’s annual Super Bowl press conference in Las Vegas.  The honoree will also receive an additional $100,000 donation from the NFLPA to his foundation or charity of his choice.  Campbell has been a staple for the NFLPA Alan Page finalist with his tremendous contributions in the community and this year’s donation of $100,000 to support teachers in under-resourced schools in four cities, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Baltimore and Atlanta when he recorded his 100th sack of his career. 

Hamlin miraculously recovered from suffering a cardiac arrest in a game last season and used a portion of the millions that poured into his fundraiser-turned-foundation, Hamlin distributed more than 2,000 toys, 50 bikes, and hundreds of books for 750 kids in his home state of Pennsylvania.  Leno created an initiative with a 25-day pledge from his Beyond The Entertainer Foundation, impacting more than 20 different non-profits and causes including donating 720 winter blankets for Chicagoans in need; covering expenses for a family facing terminal illness to go on a retreat and purchasing 10 computers to help new mothers pursue their education and adopting 22 families in need while clearing their holiday wish lists, rent, daycare costs, buying groceries and much more. 

Phillips helped more than 450 families across three different states.  Phillips helped 200 families on a shopping spree that totaled $25,000 in gifts.  He hosted 150 families for a Christmas party with arts and crafts, a DJ, games and gifts.  Contributed to 400 pounds of items for the Food Bank for the Heartland in Omaha and much more.  Ragnow hosted his second annual Fishin’ for Memories, an outreach program in support of eight families that recently lost a loved one.  Ragnow had 16 kids from families through Angela Hospice for an afternoon of football, pizza, and played games as a way to deal with their grief and what he calls the “healing” power of being outdoors.  

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