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  • Tiffany Rigby

Tokyo will be giving athletes condoms to bring awareness to practice safe sex

Tokyo-Condoms will be given out to the Olympic athletes but here is the catch. The condoms will not be given out until the players are leaving the Tokyo Games.

The Olympic Village is reported to be a hotspot for sexual activity. The distribution of condoms began in 1988 to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS. In the 2016 Rio Olympic, giant green vending machines containing the condoms were placed in the food hall and various locations around the village.

In Tokyo there will be 150,000 condoms given out but only as a goodbye gift. There are expected to be over 11,000 athletes. Since the start of safe sex practices at the Olympic Games, the amount of condoms given out at the games gets higher. “The athletes will be asked to bring the condoms back to their home countries to increase awareness about HIV and AIDS, Takashi Kitajima said.”

The number of condoms given away at subsequent Games has skyrocketed. From 8,500 at the Seoul Games in 1988 to 450,000 at the Rio Games in the 2016 Brazilian Olympics. There is also a catch behind the use of alcohol consumption at this year's games. Athletes will be allowed to bring alcohol into the village but consume it only if they’re alone in their rooms. Tokyo officials are being cautious and safe this year at the games.

"The distribution of condoms is not to use in the village," Takashi Kitajima, the village general manager, said at a press conference.

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