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Time runs out on the Jaguars' season

The Jaguars' comeback against the Chargers was the talk of the town, as well as conversation in the sports media spotlight. After Trevor Lawrence and the Jags did the impossible, a lot of people felt like Jacksonville could pull off the shock of the season against the Chiefs in the divisional match up. In order for the Jags to even have a shot, Lawrence knew that he could not turn the ball over, like he did against the Chargers and their defense would have to play lights out.

Lawrence and the Jags got the ball rolling on their second possession, after a 40-yard kick return. A couple plays later they found the endzone to tie up the game. Late in the first quarter, Chiefs' fans had to hold their breath, because Patrick Mahomes tweaked his ankle, after he stepped on a lineman's leg. That was a game changr within the game. Instead of staying in zone, the Jags brought a lot of pressure, forcing Mahomes to throw the ball earlier than he wanted. Mahomes decided to take himself out in the first half and Chad Heinne was inserted in the game.

You would think the Jags' defense would get themselves off the field to give their offense some type of momentum before half, but they could not get the Chiefs off the field on third and shorts and had a huge penalty that cost them. Little mistakes hurt the Jags and they walked into the locker room down, 17-10. Doug Pederson felt like the Jags did a very good job throughout the half, containing the Chiefs' potent offense.

Mahomes returned in the second half, but the Jags' defense continued to put pressure on Mahomes, hoping he would make a mistake. Each time the Jags brought pressure, Mahomes would make them pay with a big play down the field, but the Jags' defensive stalled their drives on third and short. The defense was doing their job, but the Jags' offense could not get it going. Going into the fourth quarter, Jacksonville only had three first downs.

Jacksonville got themselves back in the game with a Travis Etienne Jr. three-yard touchdown run early in the fourth to cut the Chiefs' lead to a field goal. With everything going the Jags' way, you would think that they would be very aware of hurting themselves, but that was not the case. On the Chiefs go ahead touchdown, the Jags had three costly penalties that extend the possession for Kansas City. Kansas City would run out the clock and close out the Cinderella season for the Jags 27-20.

Lawrence finished with 217 yards through the air, 26 yards on the ground, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception.


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