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  • Leasah Sparks


Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal's engrained multi-platform Tribeca Enterprises has given artists a distinguished platform for creative talents to maximize their potential through established experience, storytelling, independent film, and media.

Tribeca's partnership with Chanel for seven years has opened doors for numerous filmmakers. THROUGH HER LENS is a program that provides grants and sponsorships for up and coming filmmakers. Tribeca and Chanel have announced their 7th annual 2021 Production Funds recipients who will receive full production funding for the recipient's original short film at an intimate cocktail reception in New York City.

Six projects were awarded, a total of $100,000 in filmmaker grants was awarded to five filmmakers, director Annalise Lockhart and writer/producer Mary Glen Fredrick for Anything Valuable; director Caroline Lindy and writer/producer, Kate Hamilton for How Did I Get Here?; writer/director Tiye Amenechi and producer Satchel Lee for Night Bloom; and writer/director Phumi Morare for Why the Cattle Wait. These filmmakers are receiving a development grant to support continued work on their respective films to move them closer to production.

The grand prize winners of this year's Tribeca and Chanel are Maya Tanaka and Schuchi Talati winning the grand prize for their film Honolulu, a story based on a 12-year-old with a vivid fantasy life. All filmakers will be participating in a three-day workshop preparing on how to pitch actor Melissa Barrera (In the Heights, Vida), Gayle King, Co-Host, CBS Mornings and Editor at Large, Oprah, producer Paula Weinstein (Grace & Frankie, Blood Diamond), and actor Leslie Mann (The Other Woman, This Is 40.)

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