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Three consecutive times and the U.S. Men's soccer team fails to qualify for the Olympics

New York- The U.S. Men's soccer team blotches another attempt to qualify for the Olympics.

On Sunday, U.S Men's soccer team broke the heart of their fans, as they lost to Honduras 2-1 and did not qualify for the Olympics. Many fans were outraged and felt like the men's soccer team could have brought in better players before 2021. While the fans took to social media to express their frustrations, U.S. manager Jason Kreis tried to put into words on how he and players felt.

"Obviously, we’re devastated, absolutely devastated," U.S. manager Jason Kreis said "In our locker room, the guys are like it’s a tragedy, a tragedy."We lose an opportunity to play in an international tournament with more pressure, where these players have to be in these environments and continue to improve with that pressure."

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