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The Sag Awards are bringing out the big guns to present awards to the Sag winners' circle

Los Angeles- On Wednesday, the first wave of presenters were announced in a press release. Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, Don Cheadle, and Andrew Garfield were a few headlining names that are presenting awards to their fellow peers. Garfield will be presenting the Sag Life Achievement Award to the iconic Sally Field, who is very excited about accepting the award.

For those who do not know how important the Sag Awards is, it is the steps leading up to the big night for the Oscars. Nominees who can bring home a Sag Award have momentum and a great shot at winning the grand trophy of them all, and that is an Oscar.

The Sag Awards will broadcast live on Netflix's YouTube channel on Sunday Feb. 26 @ 8 PM, ET

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