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  • Tarrian Rodgers

The Rock stuns the crowd after returning to WWE Smackdown

Finally! The Rock has come back home to the WWE! This past Friday WWE had three of its biggest stars under one roof. WWE already had John Cena promoted for the show. It was the two others who weren’t promoted that provided the fans with the most excitement and utter shock. Friday night Smackdown live from Denver Colorado kicked off with Pat McAfee greeting the crowd after McAfee got the crowd warmed up he was interrupted by Austin Theory.

Theory in typical Theory fashion trash talked and mocked McAfee he told the beloved sports show host to get off his show and go back to where he came from. McAfee rebuttal Theory’s claims and told Theory that he was wrong that it wasn’t Theory’s show it was “The People’s Show” as soon as McAfee said that The Rock’s music hit and he came out to the loudest pop that a superstar may have ever received.

Theory interrupted The Rock and delivered Rock’s classic line: “It doesn’t matter what The Rock says!” McAfee looked stunned by Theory’s impersonation. The Rock responded ‘If you want to see me beat this jabroni’s ass, give me a hell yeah!’” At the end of the segment, Theory and Rock began to fight, which ended, of course, with The Rock landing "The People’s Elbow” on Theory!

So after the excitement the question that many fans may have is what is next for The Rock? Was this a one time deal or is he back? According to The Rock himself who did The Pat McAfee Show earlier in the day said he was contacted a year ago to fight his cousin Roman Rheins at this past Wrestlemania but it fell through at the last minute. The Rock did say that this year’s Wrestlemania is still an option.

The WWE has benefited greatly from the Hollywood writers strike seeing both of its megastars The Rock and John Cena return so with both guys having less obligations on their plate wrestling fans may get to see their favorites around more often.

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