• Fagothethird Franklin

The producers for the Emmys have stated that they will have inside and outside events

Los Angeles- Just like last year, the event coordinators for the Emmys are trying something that is not the norm for them.

For the past year and a half, producers for award shows have been adjusting and adapting to the new way of life since the global pandemic happened. With the rise of the Delta Virus, there have been concerns and adjustments with how the way this years' Emmys, as well as the events leading up to the big night would look.

The Television Academy decided that some events will be held outside, while some will be insides. Also, the Television Academy will be limiting tickets for guests, talent, and there will be be limited media in attendance.

"Although invitations have already been mailed out, nominated teams of three or more are now limited to no more than four tickets per nomination. The Academy recommends nominated teams “coordinate between themselves and identify how they will allot their four tickets” before they RSVP," said a representative from the Television Academy.

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