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  • Tarrian Rodgers

The Fred Biletnikoff Foundation officially makes its way to Las Vegas

When Las Vegas agreed to be the new home for the Raiders they got more than just a football team; they inherited a family with a rich tradition. When you are in the organization they have a special saying “Once a Raider always a Raider.” One of the most beloved all-time Raiders hall of famer Fred Biletnikoff and his wife Angela foundation welcomed over 600 people for their 21rst annual Crab Fest.

Hosted for the first time in Las Vegas. Guests in attendance were treated to a night of former football greats and a large variety of crab, lively entertainment from Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and co-founding member of Chicago, Danny Seraphine’s “Take Me Back to Chicago” Tour featuring CTA. There was also a live silent auction of amazing football memorabilia with prizes ranging from golf packages to some of the best golf resorts in Las Vegas. Proceeds and recognition for this event will benefit the enduring efforts of the Biletnikoff Foundation to end adolescent domestic violence, substance abuse, and human trafficking. The mission of the Biletnikoff Foundation is to honor the memory of Tracey Biletnikoff, the late daughter of the Raiders great. Her untimely death has created a building block for the next generation to realize their full potential. The Bilentnikoff’s are proud advocates of community and education programs that effectively address the related problems of substance abuse, human trafficking and domestic violence. In 2000, the foundation launched Tracey’s Place of Hope, which is a residential program for adolescent girls in crisis with mental health and substance abuse problems.

“I think first of all these girls need to feel safe,” said Angela Biletnikoff, wife of Fred Biletnikoff and co-founder of the foundation. “We want to bring them into a safe environment so they can heal. A lot of these girls have post traumatic stress syndrome. They are dealing with a lot of stress and burdens. I love them coming to Tracey’s Place of Hope to bring them to a place they can heal and be educated and know they don’t have to put up with what they have in the past.” In the past the Biletnikoff Foundation gave even more to the community by awarding $2,500 scholarships to aid lucky high school seniors to fulfill their dreams of entering college. Making a difference is a big part of trying to make the community better. The Biletnikoff Foundation made a huge impact in the Bay Area and it will now follow suit in Raiders new home of Las Vegas


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