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The Boston Celtics raise another banner as NBA Champions

For whatever reason, Boston took their foot off the pedal and allow Dallas to steal a game from them, forcing the Celtics to extend the series. Jayson Tatum was the only effective scorer in Game 4 and his playing time was cut short in the fourth, because the Mavericks' offense exploded. Going into Game 5, the Celtics wanted to end any momentum that Dallas had and wanted to stop their floor general in Luka Doncic. Welp, Boston got Luka in foul trouble early on and got their wish with halting Doncic from being a factor in the half.

JT, JB, and the role players for Boston got back on track with hitting wide open shots. In a blink of an eye, Boston went up 12 in the second quarter. They were collective putting on a defensive clinic. Each time Luka or Kyrie Irving would cross the other side of the floor, there were some very tight defense on Dallas, to the point where the Mavericks had three turnovers in three consecutive possessions. The bald genie in Derrick White was making all the Celtic's goals come true. This young man was everywhere and helped his team burry the Mavericks at the half with a 20-point lead.

The second half, the Celtics kept their foot on the gas and just rolled out the red carpet on the Mavericks to secure their championship 106-88. JT finished with 31


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