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TCU gets embarrassed by Sooners 82-46

Texas- TCU was lit up by the Oklahoma Sooners in the second half of play.

For the most part, TCU hung around in the early stages of the first half. Despite being down in double figures, they kept fighting back. TCU went on a mini run at the end of the half cut the Sooners' lead to a manageable 12 points.

Horned Frogs' star RJ Nembhard had a tough and quiet night, as he struggled to hit open shots. Nembhard, who comes on strong in the second half, did not have the impact on both sides of the floor. He finished with 10 points, 2 assists, and 5 rebounds.

In the second half, the Sooners' exposed TCU's zone and was heating up from behind the arc. The Horned Frogs had no answer with how to stop De'Vion Harmon and Austin Reaves from getting to their sweet spots. Both players combined for 33 points.

TCU's shooting slump continued in the second half. They could not buy a basket to save their lives. Upcoming star Kevin Samuel was completely out of sync, turned the ball over in multiple efforts, and struggled to find the bottom of the net. Samuel finished with seven points.

Collectively, TCU's energy was not there on both sides of the floor and the Sooners sensed it and made them pay. In order for TCU to bounce back from this loss, they have to let the game come to them and be patient. They forced shots that were not there and it came back to bite them in their butts. TCU have to play as a team. It seemed like a lot of the players were trying to play "Hero" ball instead of passing up a shot for a better shot.


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