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Tamron Hall is coming back for a third season

New York- Tamron Hall has been renewed for its third season by Walt Disney Television.

The Tamron Hall show has captivated audiences all around the globe, because the show in itself talks about topics that are relatable. A lot of fans, as well as top executives with Walt Disney Television like how authentic the show is and how they can learn something from the type of interviews that Tamron Hall showcases. The show is in the top five five syndicated talk shows with total viewership of averaging 1.1 million views.

"Tamfam, thank you for giving us the space and grace to have a real conversation every day. Life is about the tough talks; but for me, more than anything else, it’s about having an honest, fair and open discussion where we can laugh, learn and find hope together,” said Tamron Hall.

“Thank you to my Disney-ABC team for proving we can still dream together and to our terrific station partners. Also thanks to our many guests who have agreed it’s time to say ‘let’s talk about it.’”

“Tamron and our team aggressively came out of the starting block for a fantastic first month of our new season,” said William Burton, SVP, Syndication, Daytime & Sports, ABC Entertainment. “From exclusive newsmaking interviews to compelling conversations, we look forward to the ‘Tamron Hall’ show remaining a daytime destination for viewers for years to come.”


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