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Sue Bird's basketball journey is officially retired

On Sunday, Sue Bird had her moment, as she took fans, media, and other individuals on her personal growth and journey as the basketball icon we see today.

From talking about her college days, being a fierce competitor, and having many relationships in basketball and in life, which molded her into the person she is today. The ceremony went on for three hours and Bird joked that ESPN probably switched the ceremony to another channel because it was long.

Before Bird's jersey was retired, many of her peers echoed the same message that Bird was not just a great person on the court, but she had a passion with helping others off the court. In 2020, the world got to see what her peers saw, as she was on the front line, advocating for WNBA players to be paid more, as well as fighting for social justice. Like Bird stated in the ceremony that she always had a voice, she just had to find it.

Her competitive spirit will always be something that everyone remembers on the court, but now she is now using her influence off the court to make the world a better place.

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