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Ping Pong
  • Cade Morehouse

Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson dominates Kevin Holland in Orlando.

What a great night of fights for the UFC in Orlando, from start to finish, it had some absolute barnburners. The UFC and ESPN were also celebrating cancer awareness on Stuart Scott night, and what a tribute that was.

The main event between Kevin Holland and Stephen Thompson was a fun fight for the fans but wasn’t close. Holland was favored on DraftKings by -180, and Thompson was the underdog at +155, and boy did Wonderboy Thompson take exception to that. Wonderboy had been hurt badly in the first round, but came back and made the fight all about him. He hurt Holland multiple times and dominated, striking Holland out 163–119. Thompson landed 63 percent of his strikes compared to Holland's 56 percent. The Karate Black Belt Thompson had fun in the cage, throwing whatever he wanted like it was practice, including axe kicks and spinning back kicks.

Holland will be out of action for a while because he broke three bones in his right-hand blocking one of the kicks thrown by Thompson. All in all, it was a great night of fights capped off by this main event. Thompson, already respected by his peers, earned more respect, and if the respect wasn’t given to Trailblazer Kevin Holland before, it should be now due to his toughness. His corner stopped him from his own heart, stopping the fight and throwing in the towel after the 4th round due to his right hand, and Holland didn’t seem too happy. This was a great tribute for people battling cancer and Stuart Scott. Where do Stephen Thompson and Kevin Holland go with their careers after their fight at UFC Orlando?

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