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State Farm and WNBA to Donate $50,000 to the African American Policy Forum

Seattle- State Fame and the WNBA will donate $50,000 to the African American Policy and will recognize the WNBA Players' leadership and dedication to the Justice Movement.

From the start of the WNBA to the ending of the season, WNBA players have been very vocal with using their platforms to talk about the injustice in the world and put pressure on politicians and others to get justice for unarmed African Americans who were shot or killed by law enforcement. Players like Sue Bird, Renee Montgomery, and others around the league used different methods to shed light on what is going on in America. Some players displayed Black Lives Matter shirts, others voiced their distaste with the justice system, but all together the WNBA came together to vice their opinions about the matter.

“Through the years and especially this season, WNBA players have worked together tirelessly to combat social injustice and racial inequality, and this award is a testament to each and every player’s dedication to advocating for change,” said Head of WNBA League Operations Bethany Donaphin.  “WNBA players have used their platforms and voices to inspire real action, and our support for them is unwavering.” 

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